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Dmitry Baltermants

Original prints archive

Dmitri Baltermants’ descendants have inherited an archive of his photographs that is unique worldwide, in both size and scope.

As well as black-and-white photography there are rare examples of authorial colour printing dating from 1960 to 1980, with its’ characteristic colour spectrum. Most of the images were printed by the photographer himself, or produced under his direct supervision.

Examination of the photo archive has shown that authorial prints by Dmitri Baltermants may have any of the following features: – Signature of Dmitri Baltermants – Personal stamp of Dmitri Baltermants – Personal stamp of Dmitri Baltermants as Ogonyok magazine picture editor – Handwritten title of the photograph – Stamp of the Dmitri Baltermants archive. This stamp was created by his heirs to confirm photographic authorship during initial sorting of the photographer’s archive after his death in 1990, and subsequently destroyed – “From the legacy of Dm. Baltermants” stamp, as proof that the image belongs to the archive of original photographs – The afore-mentioned features in various combinations – Absence of any stamps or signatures.

Part of the archive of original photographs by Dmitri Baltermants can now be viewed on the site and is offered for purchase by his descendants. Detailed information on the size of prints, the presence of stamps and signatures and also the price of an item can be provided on request. Please contact us via the user form: